How to Land a Job in the Shortest Time Possible

You may wake up one day and realise that your current position lacks the advancement potential you had hoped for or leaves you feeling unchallenged. Job hunting in today's market is challenging enough but finding yourself without a job in these tough times can be devastating. While the bills continue to accumulate and the feeling of panic begins, the best approach to avoid financial disaster is to take immediate action.

Fear not! There are some proven methods that will allow you to locate a new position in the shortest time possible - knowing a few techniques will help make job hunting a realistic and manageable endeavour bringing peace of mind and possibly a superior new job.

What are these?

Where to Start

Because you never know when you might need or want to look for a job, always maintain an updated version of your professional and personal CV. By using an online CV service like iProfile, all of your information can be easily organised and distributed to potential employers.

Re-evaluate your personal situation and consider locations, salary, training requirements and position desired. Keep an open mind about potential jobs that may be outside of your familiar realm. Research potential job positions, review targeted companies and work closely with a CV service to create and present your best image. Consider all of your past job experience, education and background information even if it may seem insignificant. Explore all the options for possible employment - classified ads, the Internet, networking and professional associations.

What to Expect

Being persistent and keeping a positive outlook will increase your chances of success. Landing a job in the shortest time possible can be challenging but by being realistic and diligent, a quick placement is quite feasible. Follow all potential leads and respond quickly to any calls or notices that you receive. Spread the word that you're in the market for a job (but be discreet, of course, if you're still employed).

Be well prepared once you've landed an interview. Before you actually meet your potential employer, find out everything that you can about the company and the interviewer if possible. Be ready to ask pertinent questions about their business. Also, be prepared to respond honestly to items listed on your CV. Even if you think the job is wrong for you, be confident and positive as they may refer you to another position.

Words of Advice

Securing a job in the shortest time possible requires a concerted effort and a positive attitude. How you present yourself both on paper and in person plays a vital role in quickly landing a job. By using the services provided by an online CV service like, some of the burden is reduced, saving you time and frustration. Whether you have just found yourself unemployed or you're looking for a more challenging position, following a few proven techniques will make the job search successful.